Microsoft Looking into Or windows 7 Source Code Leak

The Windows XP source code leaked as part of an enormous archive earlier this week, and today Microsoft says it’s considering the whole thing internally.

While no other specifics were provided, Microsoft just said inside a statement for Thurrott that it’s investigating, and it’s of course unknown when the company would ever return with increased info on the matter.

The 43GB archive that leaked to the net earlier this week, however, included not only the Windows XP source code, but additionally similar data for other Microsoft products, including Windows 2000, Windows Embedded CE and 7, Windows Server 2003, and MS-DOS 6.0.

While the leak isn’t necessarily something that Microsoft ought to be worried about given these are all old products, what the company need to determine is how exactly the files made their way from company servers to torrent trackers.

Windows XP, an abandoned OS

Windows XP no longer receives updates since April 2014, and Microsoft recommends everyone to upgrade to supported Windows. Needless to say, the operating-system of choice for Microsoft is Windows 10, although a device running Windows XP would obviously need a series of hardware upgrades too to be able to run this latest release.

Meanwhile, merely a few products are still running Windows XP, and most of them are government computers that have recently been secured along with other methods, including limited Internet access.

The origin code, on the other hand, can provide us with more information on how Microsoft built Windows XP and features that never went to the marketplace. For now, however, all of the files remain readily available for download for anyone, and it’s difficult to think that Microsoft can perform anything about this, especially because the quantity of mirrors will probably grow as more people have it too.