What’s New in Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4566116

Microsoft has released new optional cumulative updates for several Windows 10 versions, which are offered as preview from the next updates that’ll be published around the September Patch Tuesday.

For Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909, the cumulative update that’s available today is KB4566116 – both OS versions are now being serviced with the same update since they share a lot of the code.

After installing this new cumulative update, the OS build from the Windows 10 versions ought to be the following:

Windows 10 version 1903 OS build 18362.1049
Windows 10 version 1909 OS build 18363.1049

Obviously, the focus this time isn’t on security improvements, because the cumulative updates published on Patch Tuesday are usually designed to resolve security vulnerabilities in Windows 10 and the pre-loaded apps.

However, there are a lot of improvements during these cumulative updates, and while you should check out the entire changelog in the box after the jump, there are many notable fixes that are worth highlighting in the following paragraphs too.

First of all, cumulative update KB4566116 resolves a bug that may make the hard disk to fill in certain error situations, as Microsoft itself explains. In other words, errors that may show up on the unit could end up eating up so much space that the hard drive gets full without clear reason.

Then, Microsoft states that it corrected a glitch that was experienced when attempting to configure the default apps on Windows 10. What goes on for this reason problem is the Settings app crashing unexpectedly, eventually preventing the consumer from being able to make any changes to the default apps.

As we’ve known for a while, Microsoft wants to replace the classic User interface using the Settings app, so once the transition of all choices to the current experience, such bugs might cause even more trouble on Windows 10.

Additionally, this cumulative update resolves an extremely awkward bug that prevents a tool from being unlocked following the user previously typed an empty space before the username when they first logged in. So technically, if you log in to your device and give a space prior to the username, everything should act as planned, but when you lock the unit and continue to go back to the desktop, the unlocking is not possible. So KB4566116 resolves this behavior and brings things back to normal for everybody.

There are also performance improvements in this cumulative update, with Microsoft explaining that after setting it up, apps should load a bit faster.

Microsoft says it has included as well refinements for Microsoft OneDrive. The organization explains:

“Addresses an element that causes a mistake should you open Microsoft OneDrive files on demand when Consumer experience Virtualization (UE-V) is enabled. To use this solution, set the following DWORD to 1: ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\UEV\Agent\Configuration\ApplyExplorerCompatFix.'”

For enterprises, there are Group Policy improvements.

“Addresses an element that causes the configuration from the “Minimum Password Length” Group Policy with more than 14 characters to possess no effect. To learn more, see KB4557232,” Microsoft says.

Worth knowing is this fact new cumulative update isn’t shipped automatically to Windows 10 devices, as it’s offered as a preview from the next Patch Tuesday release for version 1903 and 1909. So you can download it as being an optional update around the device by heading over to Windows Update in your device and checking out the optional updates screen.

Additionally, Microsoft also offers a manual download option, so update KB4566116 is published around the Microsoft Update Catalog too. The update must be imported to WSUS manually.