Microsoft Reinvents laptop computer Keyboard having a Brand-New Button

Microsoft has become a hardware company too, and in addition to come to light laptops and Android phones, it’s also building PC peripherals like mice and keyboard.

And as as it happens, the software giant has become focusing on a brand-new keyboard for the PC, and in addition to a Surface-inspired design, that one also comes with a new button.

By the looks of things, the brand new keyboard will feature what appears to be a dedicated emoji key that’s placed next to the right Alt button.

What this key does is launch the emoji UI which comes bundled with Windows 10 and which Microsoft has made a big deal in the last few OS feature updates.

Furthermore, it looks like Microsoft has also redesigned the F1 button, which now seems to be designed to control the Bluetooth connectivity. Probably, this new key will allow users to allow and disable Bluetooth a bit faster, albeit in Windows 10, everything is possible from a dedicated a quick response within the Action Center.

No release information

At this time, it’s not yet known if this new keyboard should really launch, but it’s clear it would be first of all targeted at Windows 10 devices. Microsoft has obviously remained tight-lipped on all its plans in this regard, but expect more information to be shared soon.

At the same time, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to determine Microsoft’s partners build similar keyboards with a dedicated key for that emoji UI in Windows 10.

For the time being, anybody who wants to launch the emoji panel in Windows 10 can just press the Windows key + ;. This works within the most recent Windows 10 versions, including the May 2020 Update (version 2004), that is now rolling to devices across the world.