Microsoft Updates the Alt + Tab Experience of Windows 10 with Browser Tabs

Microsoft has recently released a new Windows 10 and Edge feature that was announced earlier this year at the Build developer conference.

It’s the updated Alt + Tab experience in the operating-system which now includes browser tabs as well, as long as Microsoft Edge is used for browsing.

Specifically, when you press Alt + Tab, rather than one generic thumbnail that permits you to switch to Microsoft Edge, you really get thumbnails for the websites that are loaded within the browser. This means that you are able to switch to a particular site much faster, without having to first go towards the app after which manually towards the website that you want to visit.

The good news is that Microsoft allows users to customize this multitasking behavior, so you’ll have the ability to do that in the Settings screen in Windows 10.

“We know Alt + Tab is sacred, so that you can choose whether or not to show all, some, or none of the tabs by going to Settings > System > Multitasking in Windows. All of your tabs are provided automatically, but if you discover that it is a bit much you are able to set Alt + Tab to only show the final three or five tabs instead. We’d love to hear which setting you want!” Microsoft says.

Only available for testers

Before you rush to the Settings app to allow the whole thing, there’s something you need to know.

This new feature is currently available for testers exclusively, so you must be running Microsoft Edge Canary or Dev build 85.0.561.0 or newer and Windows 10 build 20175 or newer. This particular Windows 10 build has recently been released towards the Dev channel, so if you’re not part of the Windows Insider program, there’s no other option rather than wait until Microsoft helps make the event available for everyone.

No ETA can be obtained for this at this time.