Microsoft Must Steer clear of the Microsoft Edge Ad Madness At this time

As many people know already, Microsoft has decided to rebuild its Windows browser using Chromium, the same engine that powers Google Chrome.

And while the transition from EdgeHTML leaves many disappointed, including Mozilla, switching to Chromium was something which allowed Microsoft to show Edge into a cross-platform browser expanding past the realm of Windows.

So right now, Edge is available on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and macOS, and a Linux version can also be within the works. Technically, anyone running one of these os’s can download the browser manually and install it on their devices.

On Windows 10, however, things are a little bit different.

The new Edge replaces the old Edge because the default browser on Windows 10. Therefore, Microsoft does allow users to manually install the browser, but at the same time, additionally, it pushes it via Windows Update to people who don’t do it.

While for many this is considered a forced update, it’s not, and that i explained why at length in this article. Basically, so long as Microsoft provides users using the necessary way to block this update, it truly can’t be described as a forced update.

But however, Microsoft is going a bit too much with its aggressive marketing push that’s designed to convince users to try out the new Edge browser.

First and foremost, there are ads in the Start menu. While Microsoft calls them “suggestions” or “recommendations,” some users are provided having a message within the Start menu that prompts them to give the new Edge a go.

“Still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here,” this message reads.

Then, it’s an identical effort triggered when looking for Chrome or Firefox in Windows 10. At these times, Windows 10 does display the expected result, but in addition towards the said browsers, it also shows a “Recommended” entry that points to the new Microsoft Edge browser. This really is obviously an attempt to influence users from rival browsers and push more and more people towards the new Edge.

Microsoft is moving past the realm of Windows to convince individuals to install Edge. Bing, for example, uses its search results page for the same thing, which time, it’s getting a tiny bit ridiculous, as no less than three different “recommendations” are displayed when searching for another browser.

One of these, which will come by means of a banner at the end of the screen, looks a lot more like adware, and Microsoft itself has promised to check out the whole thing for a cleaner experience.

Another two get down to a “Promote by Microsoft” result that turns up at the top of the results along with a smaller link within the top right corner called “Get the new Microsoft Edge.” Having a simple mouse hover (not a click!), this link launches a popup that reads “The new Microsoft Edge was created to bring you the best of the net.” Clicking yes in this screen gets users to the Edge download page.

While at this time nobody knows for sure if the aggressive strategy works, there’s a chance that it backfires too. Many users seem to be rather angry using the company continuously insisting for that new browser, so some wind up blocking the brand new Advantage on Windows 10 entirely.

What’s even more odd is that some of these “recommendations” show up even for users who’re already running Microsoft Edge. Which means this unexpectedly-aggressive push keeps happening whether you surrender or otherwise. And without a doubt, Microsoft must stop this madness at this time.