This is actually the Eye-Candy Windows 10 Lock Screen That’ll Never Happen

The Windows 10 lock screen and the sign-in screens are the first things users see when starting their computers, so for a lot of, it’s pretty essential for both of them not only to look and feel modern but additionally to provide just as much information as possible.

And while Microsoft itself has further polished the lock screen with new Windows 10 feature updates, the company still doesn’t provide the customization package that users expect in the world’s number one desktop operating-system.

A concept shared on Twitter earlier today by designer vGLAD imagines a refreshed version of the lock screen which apparently aligns with what users might want to get in Windows 10 in the first place.

Don’t hold your breath for any lock screen refresh

The quantity of information shown on the lock screen, for instance, has been significantly improved, all while also offering a design that comes using the visual refresh that Microsoft itself has implemented in Windows 10 and the rest of the first-party apps.

Needless to say, these are all designs that are all very unlikely to create their method to Windows 10, not necessarily because the lock screen isn’t something which Microsoft is dedicated to improving but because implementing an idea in a generally-available product is much harder than most people think.

However, Microsoft itself would actually do itself a big favor should it choose to check out these concepts, especially as the majority of them are according to user feedback. And what better method to figure out what users want than the usual visual concept which shows exactly how Windows 10 could be improved?

However, you’d better not hold your breath for any massive change coming to the lock screen in the near future. The following Windows 10 feature update, which right now is known as version 20H2, should really are available in the autumn with only small improvements underneath the hood.

#ProjectAcrylic Interesting Suggestions. I’ve improved the design of the lock and login screen, and match light color wallpaper. @MicrosoftDesign @panos_panay @itsmichaelwest @tomwarren @zacbowden @Clarkezone @boxnwhisker @zeealeid – vGLAD (@vastglad) June 28, 2020