Windows 10 Build 20152: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft has released a brand new Windows 10 preview build for users enrolled in the Windows Insider Program, and testers can download it at this time from Windows Update.

Specifically, the brand new release is Windows 10 build 20152, and it’s currently available for the Dev channel.

According to Microsoft’s recent Windows Insider program changes, the Dev channel is the new name from the Fast ring.

The very first thing you should know is that features that are released for users in the Dev channel come without an ETA. In other words, while Dev channel users can try out new features in Windows 10, they don’t have a release date, and Microsoft says it might only ship them when they’re ready.

Right now, some of the improvements that are being tested within the Dev channel could go live in Windows 10 version 21H1, albeit as said, this is something that’s not sure. Windows 10 version 20H2 has been tested included in the Beta channel, formerly referred to as Slow ring.

Windows 10 build 20152 comes with no new features but includes four major fixes.

Microsoft has resolved a bug that broke down Notepad on devices where users launched a system reset. Quite simply, should you desired to restore Windows 10 to scratch and considered the system reset feature, there is a chance that Notepad was no longer available whenever you returned towards the desktop.

Although this issue has already been fixed within this new update, you can also reinstall Notepad from the Optional Features screen.

Microsoft says it’s also included Windows Update improvements. In some cases, users running the previous Windows 10 builds included in the Windows Insider program weren’t any longer provided with a Windows Update icon in the system tray when an update was awaiting a reboot to accomplish the installation. Starting with version 20152, everything should work as expected.

Then, Microsoft has also resolved a little bug that removed the “Continue” button in the dialog suggesting that “Windows needs space to continue.”

And last but not least, there’s a new problem for the IME typing.

“We fixed an element that could result in an IME typing as if it was ON, if this was really in OFF state, and tapping the IME mode indicator within the taskbar wouldn’t alter the mode,” Microsoft says.

You will find 8 different known issues in this update, and you can try them out in full in the changelog after the jump. But one extremely important problem concerns some apps and games that run on the tool and which could crash all of a sudden. This is the reason you’re not supposed to install Dev channel develops production machines, as a result bugs could substantially affect your device’s performance.

“Starting with the last build, some games and applications may crash at launch or fail to install. We’ve identified the main cause and therefore are working on a treatment for the next flight,” Microsoft says.

There’s also other issues, including a BSOD that’s encountered when connecting an Xbox controller to the pc.

Windows 10 build 20152 comes with a welcome set of improvements for users trying out Dev channel builds, but on the other hand, additionally, it includes problems that have to be resolved as soon as possible. Remember that the best way to try out Dev channel builds is on a testing computer or perhaps in an online machine, especially due to these errors that may break down OS features or affect the system performance.