Google’s Bringing Its Apple AirDrop Rival to Linux, Windows, and Mac

AirDrop is definitely a feature that lots of praised based on how convenient it made content sharing between Apple devices, and today it appears as though Google doesn’t desire to be ignored either.

While Nearby Share is already available on Android, Google is targeting an expansion which has the potential of causeing this to be feature a widely-used feature for everyone having a device running its mobile operating system.

Specifically, Nearby Share could expand beyond Android devices and also go survive Windows, Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS, all thanks to Chrome integration.

Already part of Chrome Canary

Quite simply, Nearby Share will be area of the Google Chrome browser feature lineup, looking after the whole sharing thing whatever the platform. According to a current discovery shared by Dinsan Francis of ChromeStory, the feature was already implemented in the Canary form of Google Chrome, meaning it’s currently in a rather advanced testing phase.

Oddly enough, whether it lands on Windows, Nearby Share will need to compete against Microsoft’s very own similar feature called… Nearby Sharing. Announced using the release of Windows 10 version 1803, and offered to users in all feature updates ever since, Nearby Sharing makes it possible for Windows 10 users to share documents, photos, videos, links to websites, and basically something that could be shared from the experience Center so long as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled.

Google is yet to announce the expansion of Nearby Share to other platforms, so for the time being, it’s all just a test the company isn’t ready to confirm.

Yet because of the advanced development stage the feature has reached since it’s already being tested in public places Canary builds of Google Chrome, there’s a strong possibility that we’re not very not even close to an official announcement in connection with this.