Microsoft Edge Allows Users to Tweet from the Windows 10 Taskbar

Microsoft and Google are working together on improving support for Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, and based on a new report, among the features coming in a new version of the browsers is custom actions within the jumplists.

On Windows 10, jumplists allow users to right-click the taskbar icon of the application and perform certain actions faster without opening the UI of the app – for example, a right-click on the current icon of Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge allows users to produce a brand new window or private window or quickly load a high or recommended website from the jumplist/context menu.

PWAs have grown to be a far more common thing on the desktop, as well as in Windows 10 particularly it helps address the possible lack of apps in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is betting big on PWAs later on, which is one good reason the company is committed to improving support in Chromium browsers too.

TheWindowsClub has come across a feature that’s being done right now for Chromium browsers and which would essentially permit custom PWA actions from jumplists. For instance, the likes of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome could enable tweeting right from the jumplist, while email PWAs could allow composing new messages.

Coming in Chrome 85

The same for the WhatsApp PWA, which with your a feature might make it easy to get in touch with certain contacts and begin typing a message faster by having an option within the jumplist.

It looks like the feature is supposed to be first added in Google Chrome 85, and Microsoft Edge is deserving of it shortly after that.

Called App shortcuts, the feature is detailed in a post on the Chrome Platform Status page.

“Lets a web application register shortcuts for common tasks. These would typically be included to the app launcher icon (for any progressive web app) enabling the user to quickly run key tasks. Adding these to the web platform provides an equivalent capacity to native apps on many platforms.”

No specifics are available as to when Edge might get exactly the same option.