Google Announces One Highly-Anticipated Google Chrome Feature

Google has confirmed that the next major update for Google Chrome browser includes tab groups for those supported desktop platforms.

Tab grouping has been in development for quite a while, and the first time we says Google is bringing tab groups to Google Chrome was at February 2019. What this means is Google has worked onto it for more than a year, by the looks of things, it’s now prepared to bring it to users.

Google Chrome tab groups will allow users to handle their tabs in groups while using tab bar and new options added to the tab context menu.

Feature already available in beta

The feature has already been within the beta form of Google Chrome, and the search giant explains that it’s ready to ship for everyone running the stable build from the browser in the major update coming in a few days.

“We’ve been testing out tab groups for several months now (as have some of you), and we’re finding new ways to stay organized. Through our own usage and early user research, we’ve discovered that many people prefer to group their Chrome tabs by topic. For instance, it helps if you’re focusing on several projects, or browsing multiple shopping and review sites,” Edward Jung, UX Engineer, Chrome, explains in today’s announcement.

Tab groups will be on all supported desktop platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS. The Android version of Chrome isn’t yet getting such capabilities.

Most likely, tab groups will also escape to other Chromium-based browsers within the coming weeks. These include Microsoft Edge, the brand new default browser in Windows 10 that is now running on Chromium, with Microsoft becoming one of the greatest contributors towards the growth and development of this engine.

If you wish to check out the new tab grouping feature early, it’s already obtainable in the beta version of Chrome.