Microsoft Presently has a Wallpaper App on Android too

Microsoft is betting big around the Bing homepage high-resolution photos that are used on google, therefore the company brought these to other platforms, including on the Windows 10 lock screen included in Windows Spotlight.

More recently, however, the software giant released a dedicated Bing wallpapers app for Windows 10 in an attempt to give users the option to make use of each one of these photos his or her desktop backgrounds, together with features like a daily refresh based on the new homepage.

And today an identical app goes survive Android too. Bing Wallpapers for Android cellular devices includes virtually the same features, letting you choose high quality wallpapers which are featured on the Bing homepage.

Hello, Android wallpapers

Just like alternatively platforms, you can get new images every single day, and also the app may also replace your desktop background automatically. The app includes additional details for every background, so you’ll know the location in which the photo was taken.

Unsurprisingly, the Bing search engine is also baked into the app to look for other images, and Microsoft says you may also utilize it in panoramic mode if you want – that one is particularly useful on Android tablets.

One of the things that’s missing, but which I wouldn’t be too surprised if Microsoft adds inside a later update, is support for panoramic wallpapers that will allow users to allow the same background across multiple home screen. This is something which other wallpaper apps already include, and because of the quality of Bing’s photos, there’s without doubt it’d prove useful in this app too.

For the time being, the Bing Wallpapers app for Android is actually worth a try, so check out google’s Play Store to get it on your mobile phone. It takes at least Android 8.