It’s Not only Microsoft: Apple Also Using Ancient Icons in the Operating System

Microsoft originates under fire several times lately for using ancient icons in Windows 10, some of them even dating back to the Windows 98 era, however it looks like this isn’t something that just the Redmond-based software giant does in an operating system.

Apple, for instance, sticks with similar default user profile images in macOS as with the versions launched a lot of years ago, something obviously unexpected given the operating system in general continues to be improved substantially.

Netflix engineering manager Maria Kazandjieva signaled this issue on Twitter, emphasizing that despite using a 2020 device, she’s still “trapped in some absurd old-school realm of flowers, birds, a lipstick kiss, and sports.”

Refreshing an operating system

While you may use your own profile picture in macOS, Apple indeed hasn’t updated the default account image set in its operating system for some time. This is either intentional, possibly so that they can keep your macOS legacy alive, or unintentional, in which case Apple simply forgot that this a part of its operating system needs a modern refresh as well.

Certainly, this isn’t a vital issue of macOS, but on the other hand, it does show that overhauling a whole operating-system from one system to a different isn’t an easy thing to do.

Microsoft, for example, continues to be in the process of refreshing the look of Windows 10, despite the OS launching in 2015. Parts of the company’s Fluent Design, which was announced many years ago, are still being rolled out to devices gradually, because the focus on the facelift advances.

The icons are something which requires a lot of work, and much more recently, Microsoft started shipping a refreshed icon pack – however, not every icons are getting a contemporary overhaul, only part of them, with the rest prone to follow within the coming weeks and months.