Someone Transformed Windows 10 into Windows 95, also it Looks Tearful

Windows 10 is a modern operating system in all regards, including in terms of looks, as it features a redesigned Start menu, a dark theme, the Fluent Design language, and several other cosmetic refinements.

However it goes without saying that does not everyone is a big fan of this makeover, and this is actually one of the reasons some of those who upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 attempt to disable the current feature and produce back the familiar feel and look of the 2009 operating system.

This redditor, however, took things to a completely new level, replacing the Windows 10 interface using the one which debuted in Windows 95.

If you’re a fan of the classic theme of Windows, this is clearly an interesting idea, especially as there is third-party software available to help you do that with only several clicks.

Third-party software powering the Windows 98 look

Because the redditor explains, there still are some things that need further polishing to achieve the Windows 95 look.

“I know this wasn’t perfect there still things I can tweak however i still enjoy it, the theme ended using Windowsblinds and the SkinStudio, the sounds and most the icons were performed old windows disks I still have. I’ve done exactly the same thing with XP but to a more in-depth way and so i will probably continue to tweak this,” they are saying.

The 2TB SSD certainly isn’t something which goes back towards the Windows 98 era, but other than that, this tradition look gets pretty near to what we used a lot of years back.

Ought to be fact, Windows 10 itself still sports elements that are borrowed from Windows 98, including some system icons that users come across from time to time.