Disable Bing in Windows 10 to prevent Outages Breaking Down the Search Feature

An outage experienced by Bing earlier today caused the Windows 10 Search tool to become unavailable, with users no longer able to search not just for online content, but also for files stored locally.

It is because the built-in Windows search feature is tied to Bing, so whenever you’re conducted a search, google is also getting used.

The good news is that you can actually disable Bing within the Windows Search, only that doing this isn’t necessarily the most straightforward thing.

At some point, Microsoft actually offered an option to show off web search in Windows 10, only that it decided to take it off within the latest versions from the operating system, making it much harder to keep the Windows Search a local service.

So technically, you can still disable Bing in Windows 10, but at first glance, there’s no choice to get it done. This means nearly all users will probably stick with the current configuration, which basically means that whenever google is down, Windows Search could be divided too.

You’ll find the full instructions on how to disable Bing in Windows 10 in this article.

“Search Windows and the web from the taskbar to locate help, apps, files, settings-you name it. You can also get quick answers in the web-like weather, stock values, currency conversion, and far more-and reach websites faster by utilizing links in the preview pane,” Microsoft says in the description of Windows Search.

“To get search results from your PC and also the web, on the taskbar, tap or click Search , and type what you want within the search engine. To locate more outcomes of a certain type, select a category that suits your search target: Apps, Documents, Email, Web, and more. You can pick a category before or after you’ve started typing.”

May be the Bing implementation in Windows 10 useful for anyone available?

Technically, it’s, as it allows you to quickly look for information online without opening your browser. Obviously, you cannot configure another search engine, like Google, and all web results are loaded in Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 10.

But linking the Windows Search to online searches in Bing clearly isn’t the best idea, and incidents like the one that happened today live proof that the simplified approach is usually recommended.

Microsoft shouldn’t necessarily offer Bing and Windows Search separately in Windows 10, as this could make the whole thing more confusing for users, but what it should do is give to us a choice to select to make use of the online search engine or otherwise.

Sure, a method to disable Bing search does exist, but since it calls for messing using the registry, not a lot of users are likely to turn to this trick.

For the time being, there’s no doubt Yahoo is not going anywhere soon in Windows 10, and this is the best thing from the convenience perspective. I rarely use the search box to look for information online, as I typically rely on my browser to get this done, but I’m very sure a number of you discover this feature useful.

However, Windows Search could have been a lot more useful with the right approach, so helpfully Microsoft gets the feedback and improves this implementation later on Windows. As far as the upcoming Windows 10 version 2004 due early in the year is worried, nothing’s changing around the Windows Search front.