Buttery Taskbar Review – Hide the Windows 10 Taskbar Just like a Boss

As i personally such as the taskbar to always be on since i sometimes need to launch apps fast and don’t want to lose another second before the taskbar turns up, there are numerous individuals who just let the auto-hide feature for the extra screen estate.

Hiding the taskbar in Windows 10 is just a few clicks, as Microsoft has added a passionate option under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.

What this feature does is automatically hide the taskbar and produce it back on mouse hover (when you move the mouse cursor in the area where the taskbar is typically located). This really is pretty straightforward behavior, however for some, it’s not enough.

Enter Buttery Taskbar.

In essence a pretty basic application, Buttery Taskbar does what Microsoft doesn’t: hides the taskbar completely before you press the Start button.

Basically, Buttery Taskbar pushes this selection one step further, so instead of just hiding it until a mouse hover happens, it keeps it hidden until you press the Windows key in your taskbar.

While at first glance this might not seem like this type of big deal, it actually is, as you can use the available screen estate to run apps entirely screen and things like that. By combining the taskbar and also the Start menu, Buttery Taskbar pretty much simplifies the knowledge on the desktop.

However, I don’t think this really is necessarily the approach that everybody likes. For example, while pressing the Windows secret is very straightforward, I don’t want the beginning menu to fire up after i only need to access the taskbar. So what Buttery Taskbar needs is another hotkey just for the taskbar, so instead of launching both the Start menu and the taskbar, pressing this shortcut would be specifically utilized by the second.

When you run the app, it places an icon in the system tray and automatically hides the taskbar. You can access its options, that are actually limited, by pressing the Windows key in your keyboard. The app also includes a setting to disable this behavior without closing it, in addition to a “Keep taskbar hidden” option which doesn’t seem to make a difference, as everything works the same with both this feature enabled and disabled.

Additionally, Buttery Taskbar also comes with an option to load on system boot, which you’ll probably want if you would like the taskbar to become hidden as soon as the operating system loads.

The app keeps the taskbar hidden even though you restart Windows Explorer, and this is quite a good thing because it offers full consistency regardless of what happens on the screen. I didn’t encounter any crashes or issues within my time with the app, other than the aforementioned feature that doesn’t appear to focus on Windows 10 for the time being.

The conclusion

There’s without doubt Buttery Taskbar still needs further improvements, however the thing that should be praised is the idea that’s according to.

Hiding the taskbar and just launching it with the press of the mouse is one thing that Windows 10 should have offered in the beginning, but because it typically occurs when specific features aren’t obtainable in the OS, the third-party app ecosystem comes to the rescue.

Buttery Taskbar appears to be working correctly on all Windows 10 versions, such as the upcoming version 2004 due early in the year. There’s basically no impact on system performance, because it runs in the system tray without reducing the device by any means.