Windows 10 ISO Download Tool Review

Downloading a Windows 10 ISO image from Microsoft’s website isn’t as easy as you’d attempt to consider, and it’s all due to a valid reason.

Microsoft tried to result in the process of updating to the new edition of Windows as straightforward as possible, so when loading the ISO download page having a Windows browser, the website actually serves the Media Creation Tool.

If a different browser is detected, the website then points you to the ISO download page, which allows you to obtain the standalone images that you can then use for clean-installs or building bootable installation media.

Changing the consumer agent to get to the Windows 10 ISO download links has long served because the main trick for many people, but there’s now an app that performs this for you personally.

Simply called Windows 10 ISO Download Tool, this straightforward program was created in the beginning to exchange the user agent hack, so it’s built like a browser that comes with the right user agent to reach the ISO download page directly.

The interface of the app is certainly not too impressive, also it doesn’t really have to be. Because it’s essentially a browser that loads the Windows 10 ISO download page, it provides a minimal UI, with basic controls inside a menu bar at the top. All of those other interface is pretty much the site in which you download the ISO images.

The menu options allow you to configure the word what that you want for downloading the ISO images – this setting also refreshes the download page and displays it in the select language. It’s pretty much exactly the same thing as replacing the location in the URL, which is why the web site refreshes on language change.

There are a few settings, like a black mode and a classic font, but you can very well ignore these because the whole purpose is to download an ISO image from Microsoft’s servers.

The steps for downloading the ISO are provided by Microsoft’s website itself, so no further menus or screens are displayed beside a specific item when you launch Windows ISO Download Tool.

As compared to Windows ISO Downloader, which is a similar solution for straightforward downloading of Windows 10 ISO images, this little app relies on the fundamentals and come with no extra menus – this really is no real surprise actually given it’s mainly a browser that just points you to the state Microsoft ISO download page directly.

If there’s anything that’d come in handy, it’s a method to reach the download links faster – for example, much like Windows ISO Downloader does, this app needs shortcuts to download certain Windows 10 ISO versions quicker. The developer can add options to download certain versions, for example Home and Pro, 32-bit/64-bit in different languages right in the menu, which means the user would no longer be necessary to browse through all choices on Microsoft’s website manually.

The conclusion

Windows 10 ISO Download isn’t necessarily a credit card applicatoin that impresses with the feature lineup or its interface, but it certainly gets the job done. As mentioned earlier, changing the consumer agent to some non-Windows browser has long been a painful trick that many turned to to be able to download Windows 10 ISO images, so no more having to do that might actually sound ideal for some.

This app has a freeware license and does what it says, albeit it can obviously do it better.

But after your day, should you don’t want to spend over our limits time messing with your browser’s settings and merely download a Windows 10 ISO, this is worth an opportunity.