KDE Wants to Help Windows 7 Refugees Upgrade to Linux and the Plasma Desktop

The KDE community has shared information on how they want to help people while using Windows 7 operating system emigrate to Linux and the Plasma desktop before it becomes obsolete on January 14th, 2020.

Next week, on January 14, Microsoft won’t provide updates or security patches to Windows 7 users, which means that their beloved OS will quickly become the prospective of hackers and all kind of threats when they don’t upgrade to Windows 10 or any other operating system, such as macOS or a GNU/Linux distribution.

As a result, the KDE community encourages Windows 7 users who don’t want to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 to provide Linux a go and install a distribution that has the Plasma desktop environment, which can be easily transformed to look and behave like a Windows 7 desktop with a special theme. Additionally, you’ll also take advantage of Linux’s security and stability features.

“Instead of migrating to Windows 10 and putting up with hours of updates, intrusions on your privacy and annoying ads built into your apps, use a Linux operating system with Plasma. In 30 minutes you’ll be ready to go and you’ll have all the security and stability of a Linux system, with all the features and simplicity of use of Plasma,” said KDE.

How about my personal favorite apps and games?

Obviously, the first question Windows 7 users will ask is that if their most favorite apps and games will operate on Linux. Well, the KDE community ensures people who want to migrate to some GNU/Linux distribution running the Plasma desktop environment automatically that they’ll look for a large amount of popular applications, and when you still need to use a certain Windows program plus there is Wine.

Wine enables you to run almost any Windows application and game on a Linux-based operating-system. A high level Windows gamer, it’s not necessary to worry an excessive amount of as you can stay in the hand your favorite games on Linux as Steam for Linux now supports thousands of games, and there’s also Proton, a tool that allows Windows-exclusive games to operate on the Linux OS.

If you’re still not convinced, the KDE community has prepared a pleasant video to show Windows 7 what they’re missing if they don’t upgrade to the Plasma desktop. They also generate a task where the community might help persuade Windows 7 users to maneuver towards the Plasma desktop by contributing with brainstorming ideas, resources, and advices.