Microsoft reveals much more about the following major Windows 10 update

Microsoft has revealed what we should can get in the next major Windows 10 update, codenamed 19H2, so that as we expected, the update will concern itself more with improving performance and general tweaks than adding any headline-grabbing additional features.

Although this might be disappointing with a people, the move is sensible. Microsoft continues to be releasing two major Windows 10 updates a year for some time now – with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Windows 10 19H1) only recently launched – and while each new update added lots of new features, they also brought along the odd bug or two.

Microsoft taking a small breather and concentrating on getting Windows 10 running as well as possible, and fixing any outstanding issues, is a good idea in our view.

Easy upgrade

Windows 10 19H2 will – according to Microsoft – focus on improving performance, in addition to making general quality improvements and adding enterprise features. The update is going to be serviced for 30 months, by that time we expect Microsoft to have released several additional Windows 10 updates.

Microsoft is also making the entire process of installing the Windows 10 19H2 update easier. PCs running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update will get the 19H2 update much like a standard monthly update, which means it downloads and installs without anyone’s knowledge.

The concept would be that the installation process is going to be less disruptive for users. Windows 10 19H2 Build 18362.10000 will be released to Windows 10 Insiders (those who have signed up to try out early versions of future Windows 10 updates) – and Microsoft claims that this new update uses “Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) [which is] a method to progressively rollout additional features by gradually enhancing the audience in a controlled manner.”

Hopefully this will make getting future Windows 10 updates fast and convenient in the future.