Windows 10 can make finding files easier in File Explorer

A brand new preview build for Windows 10 continues to be released to fast ring testers testing out the 20H1 update – in other words, the update that’ll come out within the first 1 / 2 of the coming year – which greatly increases the search experience of File Explorer.

File Explorer is the app which you use to search through files and folders around the desktop, and as it stands, searching conducted in the folder window – using the box top-right using the tiny magnifier icon – is really a rather basic affair compared to the full Windows Search experience.

So, the idea is to bring the latter full experience – meaning the search functionality you receive when hunting for things through the search/Cortana box near the Start button – into File Explorer, so when you’re typing searching query, you’ll get a drop-down listing of suggested files which you may be looking for.

If you notice the file you require after you’ve only typed a few letters, you can just click it to open the file (or right-click should you would like to navigate to the file’s location).

Microsoft further explains this change will also integrate your files stored online on OneDrive inside the search engine results. The broad idea, then, is to make search more consistent (and useful) wherever you’re using it within Windows, which can’t be a very bad thing.

Having said that, the feature is still within the very early stages of testing, and has only presented to some ‘small percentage’ of testers right now. It is open to more Windows Insiders testing the 20H1 update before long, we’d imagine, but you might not see it for a short while yet.

Nifty Narrator

That’s the major change for this preview build (version 18894), but Microsoft has also done some fine-tuning on the accessibility front. That includes making Narrator (the screen reader app) more efficient when reading tables, along with a new command that prompts Narrator to give a summary of a web page (highlighting details such as headings, links and so forth).

As always, there are a load of bug fixes, along with a listing of known issues – because this is an early preview version, there is always the possibility of glitches that could be ‘painful’ to see in Microsoft’s words. One of the bigger problems with this build is that the Your Phone app (which Microsoft continues to be tweaking a great deal lately) doesn’t work with it.

In the event you missed it, we recently saw that rounded corners on windows – instead of sharp edges – are going to create a return using the 20H1 update for Windows 10.

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