Windows 10 (20H1) Build 18950 Now Available for Download

Microsoft has just released a new Insider build that’s area of the 20H1 development branch because the work on the very first Windows 10 feature update due in 2020 continues.

Windows 10 build 18950 comes with additional Japanese IME improvements, with Microsoft saying that it focused specifically on addressing user feedback with this particular release.

For example, this new build the experience with the prediction candidate continues to be further refined, as the company resolved an issue causing the focus within it to neglect to move when the up arrow secret is used.

There are also additional key customization options, with Microsoft explaining the next:

“We’ve improved the discoverability of key assignment settings. Also, based on feedback, we’ve updated the default assigned value of Ctrl + Space to be “None”. Ctrl + Space can nonetheless be employed for toggling IME-on/off by changing the value through its setting.”

Snip & Sketch improvements

The more important update for almost all users, however, concerns Snip & Sketch, the screenshot tool which now comes with a single window mode.

“Do you tend to retake snips multiple times in order to get an ideal screenshot? We’re updating the New button to now open new snips in your current app window, so you don’t get a ton of open snips (that you simply then have to close.) If you’d rather keep all snips open in separate windows. the choice is now a toggle in settings, so you can choose which mode you prefer,” Dona Sarkar, chief from the Windows Inside program, explains.

Another improvement for the app brings zoom support, which you’ll trigger with CTRL+Plus, CTRL+Minus and Ctrl+Mouse wheel.

As it’s the case of every build released included in the Windows Insider program, there are many other changes and improvements, in addition to known issues, and you can check them in full within the box after the jump.

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