Windows 1.11 Available these days for Download

Microsoft took everyone unexpectedly earlier this year if this announced the “all-new Windows 1.0,” on Twitter, even though it took everyone a couple of days to decrypt the message, it all eventually proved to be simply an unfamiliar person Things promo.

This clever method of promoting the season 3 of Stranger Things, which is available today on Netflix, generated quite an excitement within the Windows community, so Microsoft decided to capitalize on it with a dedicated Windows 1.11 app.

In fact, Windows 1.11 is more of an interactive trailer that mixes puzzle games with Stranger Things content, so it’s first and foremost targeted at fans of the show.

Support for those Windows 10 versions

The description from the app within the Microsoft Store is designed in exactly the same cryptic language that invites you to definitely explore much more about Windows 1.11.

“Experience 1985 nostalgia having a exclusive edition Windows 10 PC app inspired by Windows 1.0-but one that’s been absorbed by the Inverted from Stranger Things,” the outline reads.

“Explore the mysteries and secrets plaguing Hawkins, unlock unique show content and easter eggs, and play retro games and puzzles-all building off Stranger Things 3. Join Eleven, Steve, Dustin and gang as they aim to save Hawkins and also the world. Embrace the 80s and grab your hairspray, because it’s basically the raddest show companion experience ever. But fair warning: beware the Mind Flayer.”

You are able to download Windows 1.11 from the Microsoft Store using the link above, and you’ll need any form of Windows 10 to run it. This isn’t a light-weight app, because it comes pack inside a 775 MB archive, so take this into account if you’re using a metered connection. Although it’s mostly targeted at US users, pretty much everyone is able to download it from the Store.

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