Microsoft Office 2019 arrives those of you that don’t want to buy Office 365

Microsoft has officially unveiled Office 2019 for Windows and Mac, but it’s not very keen on it. Within official announcement, Microsoft declared that Office 365 remains the best option.

“The new enhancements in Office 2019 undoubtedly are a subset from the long list of features that will be added to Office 365 ProPlus gasoline three years,” said Jared Spatar, Corporate Vice President for Office and Windows Marketing, within your press release.

Office Home and Business 2019 can be described as one time fee of $249 to get a user. Office 365 charges once a year Home subscription costing $100. The Business version starts at $8.25/month per user.

Depending you plan to play with Office 2019, Office 365 might be more affordable. Since Office 2019 may possibly be an on-premise solution, it certainly can’t get automatic new feature updates like Office 365. Microsoft said they mean to keep updating Office 365 with latest features, and also told me that Office 2019 isn’t their last on-premise release.

“We view the on-premises version of Office for being an important a part of our resolve for give customers the freedom they need to go to the cloud in their own pace,” Spatar said.

Microsoft said Office 2019 is about users who aren’t “ready to the cloud.” The upgrade is users still because of the traditional installed sort of Office, and not Office 365.

The “new” upgrades in Office 2019 include possible ways to create content through PowerPoint Morph and Zoom, new charts in Excel, and improved inking for stylus use.

Excel has more data analysis abilities, new formulas, and enhancements to Power Pivot.

Improved inking accessibility across Windows apps offers tools similar to the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects.

The saying 2019 upgrade enhances user focus with more learning tools like Read Aloud and Text Spacing. Focus Mode has a user’s content the main topic on the screen.

Office 2019 is offered for commercial users now and could release consumer versions on the coming weeks.


Microsoft Office 2019 will likely be the on-premise version of Office, compiling every single newest upgrades from Office 365 as a one-time download.
Office 2019 costs $249 release, it’s the same only cost-effective for someone and companies attempting to keep precisely the same version of office for 3 years or greater. Microsoft did promise it won’t be the past on-premise version of Office.

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